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How Much Can Solar Panels Save You?

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An average residential solar system costs between $3,500-$15,000 USD.
Considering that you will probably spend over $100,000 on your electrical bills
over the next 30 years, this can be a small price to pay.

A solar financing program lowers the cost of solar!A Residential or Commercial solar power system and the exact cost of solar for your needs will depend on the size of the system you need. The Caribbean Energy Store can help you with the type of solar system you chose. Using a qualified installer who is familiar with the local incentives and permitting process will ensure that you get the most from your investment.

Learn from real Caribbean Solar Power Professionals. We have the Lowest prices in the Caribbean for Solar Power Systems,
and Panels like our LG from .58 cents per watt. For 255 watt panels here in sxm. LG Neon series 300 watt mono X 18 % effeciency, Unreal power from 60 cell panels.

The Caribbean Energy Store has installed over 8,300 panels here in the Caribbean. We have proven our Experience. We have Thousands of photos of our Solar Installations to show you. Just Ask, we are ready to meet you and get you started.

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Indigo Green Solar Project

St. Maarten Indigo Green Solar Power

SXM 3 Phase installation

St. Maarten 3 Phase Inverter Solar Power

St. Maarten 5000 Watt Jin Long Inverter Solar Power

St. Maarten 20Kw Solar Home

St. Maarten Cole Bay 20Kw Solar Power

St. Maarten Solar Powered Home

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St. Maarten Villa Solar Power

1.5 Megawatt Solar park on Dutch Side, to be Completed in Feb 2014, Chinese 300 watt Panels, St. Maarten Solar Power

COLE BAY 4,800 PANELS, SOLAR PARK 1 - 1.5 MEGAWATT SYSTEM Oct 2013 March 2014

How would you like a $5.00 USD Electric Bill
The Caribbean Energy Store has installed over 155 Homes and 34 Business on SXM. by Sept 2013
We have the experience to do it right. Not a part time weekend solar guy, like others trying to get into a solar business. These guys sell computers and Security Systems,and Massages really. No real knowlege of the problems in solar installations. You need a Certified Solar Expert. Your welcome to view some of our 182 systems in Person on SXM. We feed 3 Mega watts into the grid. On sxm alone. Most of these other locals are using our photos on there Web sites and cell phones to try to sell. Call us and we will drive you around for a sxm solar tour. .

Call our experts at 1-721-581-8348 Talk to a Certified Caribbean Solar Professional.

Caribbean Energy Store has a no-cost, no-obligation,Free service to provide solar estimates
to anyone interested in lowering their electricity bill. And cutting your power costs to $0 forever!

What our Caribbean Energy Store customers are saying;

“Last month, the electric company paid me for power – instead of me paying them.” Philip Stomp, St. Martin Home Owner
“Solar reduced our carbon footprint and electric bill to almost "0". It’s a win-win alternative, renewable energy.” Raul Garcia Home Owner St. Barts
“I no longer worry about rising Electric costs, and I’m saving $450 on my monthly electric bill.” Martin Osterhoudt St. Martin
“I’m saving money on my electric bill and spending it on my Grand Kids, instead of Elec Company.” Susan Beers, Retired Teacher SXM
“If you live in the Caribbean, you’re crazy ?not to harness the sun’s free energy. I get 10+ hours a day." Dr Charles Henry, St. Martin Homeowner
“We’re building the ultimate ‘net-zero’ home –one that produces as much energy as it consumes.” Jon Aaron St. Barts
“Solar energy is free. It’s not going away anytime soon. Why not put it to work for us?” Yvonne Marseille St. Martin Home Owner
“Last month’s electric bill was $17.50 Thanks to solar, they generally range from $20 to $50.” Paul Brinker, Home Owner SXM
“Could we be 100% solar powered? ?Absolutely! I’m living proof.” Neilson De Groot SXM Retired Engineer

SOLAR TRIVA: - In 88 minutes, the sun will provide as much energy as humanity consumes in a year.
- In 112 hours, the sun provides as much energy contained in all proven reserves of coal, oil, and natural gas. (WOW)

-If you are a homeowner, you have the right to produce free, green, and clean renewable energy...
-Having a solar home means more than using and generating free, clean energy. You'll be a member of the solar industry and the movement towards reversing climate change through renewable, clean energy...
-Imagine free electricity. Thats right FREE. Stop thowing your money to the electric company...
-Tired of paying TOO much for electricity?. Solar Panels systems are not just, for rich people anymore...
-Think of the things you could do with the money saved each month, retirement, vacations, college funds etc. -Are you tired of paying $350 or more for electricity? Do you hate your electric bill? You can slash your bill without sacrificing your air conditioning and suffering through the hot summer months...